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Wedding Lessons

Discover the Romance of your First Dance

Start your life together out on the right foot. Our wedding dance programs are designed to help you dance together with ease and comfort, regardless of your level of dance experience. Learn the secrets of leading and following, and discover how easy dancing can be including turns and dips.

You can learn any of the traditional ballroom or Latin dances featured on Dancing With the Stars including Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing and more. Couples should bring music for their first song so that custom choreography can be coordinated with the music and style of their choice. You will discover that the process of taking dance lessons during your engagement is not only wonderfully romantic, but also helps relieve the stress surrounding all the other wedding preparations.

We recommend starting your wedding lessons at least 2 - 3 months before your wedding day, but are happy to help you with last-minute preparations as well. All wedding lessons are 45 minutes in length and are taught in a shared dance instruction space. Private space is subject to availability and an extra charge. Please inquire with Studio 22 staff for more details.

Choose from:  Private Lessons, Special Occasion Workshops, or a Gift Card for flexibility.

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10 Private Lessons

Ideal for couples:
  •  With little to no dance experience; 
  •  Interested in doing a medley of songs for their first dance; and/or
  •  Interested in more elaborate choreography for their first dance.

Basic technique principles will be applied to your custom choreography so that you can relax and enjoy your first dance. The goal is for you to look so natural on the dance floor that no one will think you have had lessons.

Staff or Senior Instructor = $800.00  ON SALE! $700.00

Master Instructor = $900.00  ON SALE! $850.00



5 Private Lessons

Intended for couples with little or no dance experience who are dancing to a single song, and want basic steps for their first dance, or couples who are comfortable on the dance floor, and are looking for simple choreography for their first dance.

Staff or Senior Instructor = $425.00  ON SALE! $375.00

Master Instructor = $475.00  ON SALE! $450.00




Single Lessons

Ideal for couples who have a limited amount of time and will not be able to fit in a wedding preparation package into their schedule, or for couples who want to add on additional lessons to a package.

Staff or Senior Instructor = $90.00  ON SALE! $85.00

Master Instructor = $100.00


wedding workshops

Special Occasion Workshop

Start preparing for your next special occasion with our two-hour workshops! Learn social dance moves to use for occasions like weddings (bride/groom, father/daughter, mother/son, wedding party, wedding guests), corporate events, & galas. Workshops are taught from 7:00 - 8:30 PM, with a 30-minute practice from 8:30 - 9:00 PM. These group classes are non-progressive, so you can jump in at any point. You'll be in a fun, relaxed environment - and don't worry if you have "two left feet" - you'll be on the dance floor showing off your new moves in no time! Workshops expire 90 days from the date of purchase.

  •  Fridays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (usually 2/month)
  •  Couples only, no partner rotation
  •  Each workshop will focus on a specific skill
  •  No experience needed, all levels welcome!
  •  $40 per couple for single workshop or $99 per couple for a package of three
  •  Limited availability, reservation required*

To expedite your check-in process, each attendee will need to complete the new student registration before attending.  We suggest arriving 10 - 15 minutes before the class begins to allow time to get checked in.  If you prefer to complete new student registration in-studio, please arrive at least 20 minutes early.


gift card

Gift Cards

Prefer to let the bride & groom choose what works for them?  Give a gift card with a specified amount so they have the choice between private wedding lessons, the Special Occasion Workshop, and group classes.

Purchase gift cards for $25, $50, $100, $250, or choose your own amount!   (minimum $10)


What People Are Saying...

Jason  Kimberly 1.jpg
Jason & Kimberly Church

Jason & Kimberly Church
Wedding Couple

Thank you so much for all your help and patience in helping to teach my husband and I a great first dance for our wedding.  We blew our audience away. Everyone was expecting a good dance, but we really surprised and even entertained our guests.  They were saying it was the best reception they had ever attended. :)   I had my heart set on wanting to perform a latin dance for our first wedding dance.  Although I had my worries about my husband learning a new style of dance altogether, my worries were quickly dissipated after the first few dance lessons.  You really were able to reach us both in our own unique ways of learning and when the big day came, we danced cohesively together.  Thanks for helping us to make our dream wedding complete.  I will never forget finishing our first dance as man and wife, and hearing the audience roar with applause.

Richard  Alice 2.jpg
Richard & Alice Chang

Richard & Alice Chang
Wedding Couple

Thank you so much for teaching Alice and I how to dance!!!  It was spectacular!!!  Our friends, family, and vendors were shocked by our dance and said it was the best dance they have ever seen at a wedding!  Alice and I practiced very hard after our last lesson and even two days before at West Lake Village Inn, where our wedding was held.  Our friends loved the turns, the choreography and it really lifted up the entire night!  Thanks again!!!

Kelly  Jacob Unger.jpg
Kelly & Jacob Unger

Kelly & Jacob Unger
Wedding Couple

We loved taking dance lessons at Studio 22!  It was so much fun and a shared experience we will not forget!”

Ryan  Carrie 3.jpg
Ryan & Carrie Baula

Ryan & Carrie Baula
Wedding Couple

Our dance turned out awesome at our wedding!!!  Thank you so much for all of your help with our Tango.  Everyone has been talking about it.  I think all the run throughs you did with us got our nerves out of the way.  We really got into in when people stared cheering.  Thank you for making our first dance a lifetime experience to remember.

nick and licci2.jpg
Nick & Licci

Nick & Licci
Wedding Couple

I found Studio 22's website (good website by the way) and signed me and my now-husband up for a Wedding Package. In just 5 lessons, Michelle taught us some great moves, focusing on technique and the basic steps. Michelle is not only a super talented dancer but also a fabulous instructor. We had a lot of fun at our lessons, and ended up surprising everyone at our wedding when we broke into a salsa dance during our first dance. Thanks Michelle!

Danny  Emely 1.jpg
Danny & Emily Cante

Danny & Emily Cante
Wedding Couple

The dreaded "first dance" as a newly-wedded couple - something every woman sees as the romantic part of the evening, and some men view as the uncomfortable moment of the whole party.  But regardless how any couple feels about it, if they are looking at dance instruction for their first dance, it means that they care about how it looks.  In my case, and in Emily's as well, not only did we care about how it looked to our guests but how we felt doing it.  Emily was, to my relief, not interested in a completely scripted and choreographed number that had us blasting onto the dance floor with the heat and rocking emotion from something out of "Dirty Dancing."  Rather, we both agreed we wanted to come across as confident, have a simple routine that had a little class to it, was interesting, and most importantly was a dance the two of us could enjoy together...really!  Emily expressed not wanting to walk out on our dance floor and only "hip-swaying" to some cheesy slow song that had been written into the books of Greatest Pop Songs of the 90's.  I was realistic and knew that the more flashy the dance was, the more time in lessons and practice we'd need.  I was in the same boat as Emily - I wanted us to enjoy ourselves and be focused on each other rather than concentrating on steps, and I wanted us to have a simple and fluid dance that held some interest and was more than the "hip-swaying." 

After twenty minutes of searching through the internet, my results yielded a handful of instructors in the DFW area to choose from.  Sergey and Michelle's website stood out amongst the other instructors I had found.  Perhaps it was their age, the look they presented, the snap of pizazz I sensed...is it possible to radiate charisma through just a website?  In any case...sold!  I sent my only email inquiry to them, and heard back promptly from Michelle.

Michelle was our instructor for approximately seven or eight lessons spread out over five months.  I'll have to say my wife is very particular about things.  She's fickle on what people teach her cardio-boxing class; she likes so-and-so because he holds the mitts better; she doesn't like this person teaching her weights class because it's boring and the same routine; signing up for this couples group isn't meeting her expectations.  I was waiting for the day that Emily would say something about Michelle, but Michelle won the approval award.  Emily always walked out of dance lessons enthused and excited.  Michelle had a good approach when instructing Emily, and it was in a way that was specific and unique to Emily.  She also had a great way of teaching me in the way I could pick it up the fastest - bare-bones info and the facts, baby.  Just show me exactly what to do without all the fluff thrown in.  At the end of all our lessons, Emily and I both felt that we could have used more, but I still felt confident going into the wedding.  

So, what did we dance to?  Emily latched on to Michael Buble's "Save the Last Dance," and I found the track to be fresh, peppy, and brisk.  We decided to rumba to it, and spent most of our lessons solidifying our steps, working on some simple by interesting turns, and final touches.  At the end of all the lessons, I was actually getting jazzed up.  I was starting to feel like Emily and I could have been progressing and adding more flair to this simple but elegant routine.  Emily was all grins on our first dance as a couple.  I think she was actually thrilled.  (We didn't tell anyone we took dance lessons, so there may have been the expectation to "hip-sway."  :)  )  Wow, I was not prepared for the reaction we received from our guests.  At the end of the five months, I had starting thinking that maybe our dance needed more pizazz, but our guests seemed blown away.  A lot of compliments were given that night for our little routine.  And the best part about it was, Emily and I got a kick out of it more than they did.  We still smile when we look back at that night, and laugh more when we reminisce on all nights of practice we had together.  They can make for some goofy and funny moments.  Guys, sign you and your ladies up for dance lessons.  It will bring you closer.

Thanks Michelle & Sergey