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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

How to Schedule your Lessons
Lessons are available at your convenience, whether you prefer daytimes, evenings, or weekends.
Lessons are booked after payment is received; someone from the studio will call you to get your availability, information about the song you've chosen for your first dance, reception details, and to schedule your first lesson.  A confirmation e-mail noting your lesson date(s) and time(s) will be e-mailed to you.
NOTE:  Should you need to cancel and/or reschedule your lesson, a 24-hour notice is required.

How long are the lessons?
Wedding lessons are 45-minutes long.  If you'd like to maximize your visits to the studio, make sure to ask about double lessons (2 lessons back-to-back).

What is the difference between Staff and Master level instructors?

Carefully selected for the quality of their technical skills as well as their professionalism, Staff Instructors have demonstrated proficiency in the styles they teach, and will get you comfortable on the dance floor in no time.  Their experience and range of ideas will help your personalities to shine through in your first dance as newlyweds! 

Want the best of the best?  Master Instructors have trained the celebrity competitors on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, travel the world doing shows, and tour with national dance companies.  Master Instructors are the most seasoned leaders at the studio, bringing a wealth of ideas to their students.  Wedding couples who want to work with the top instructors, are looking for the most efficient learning experience, or who want to learn complicated choreography will find a Master Instructor to be the ideal option.  (Because our Master Instructors are often booked far in advance, we recommend pre-booking lessons with them to ensure availability in their schedules.)

What will we learn?
All wedding couples will learn the basic steps of the particular style of dance, corresponding to the music they've chosen.  We will always make sure your dance incorporates you personalities and the style of your wedding!  Depending upon the number of lessons you've chosen to take, as well as your learning speed, we will incorporate spins, dips and turns.  And not to worry:  we realize that your first dance can be nerve-wracking, so we'll also teach you how to gracefully enter and exit the dance floor.

Which song should we choose?
We suggest that you choose a song that has meaning for both of you.  Keep in mind both your personal perferences and the style of your wedding when choosing the music, and remember that the faster your music, [usually] the faster you must dance!  If you’re not certain, we can help you choose a song that will best fit you both.

How do I know what style of dance we'll be learning?
All music has beats, the number of which per measure are determined by the time signature.  Based on the beat and tempo of the music, a particular style is danced to the music.  Your instructor will teach you the appropriate style of dance for the music you've chosen.  If you're interested in a particular style of dance, please make sure to mention this when booking your lesson.  We can let you know if your chosen music will work with the dance style, or suggest some songs that would be appropriate to that type of dance.

We just want to feel comfortable on the floor / We don't want to look dumb in front of all our friends and family!
Not to worry!  This is a common concern, and our expert instructors will help you look your best on the dance floor.  We can give you as much or as little choreography as you would like, time permitting.  If you prefer something simple, and/or would like to be able to ad lib during the dance, we can certainly teach you how to do that.

We want a show-stopping first dance!
If you'd rather do something more elaborate, we suggest purchasing the Elite Package (10 lessons) so that you will have ample time to learn the choreography.  (We'd also recommend booking Master Instructor lessons - our Master Instructors are our most experienced instructors, who are experts in teaching choreography that fits your personality and style.  Master Instructrors have appeared on shows like Dancing with the Stars, and have a wealth of experience to utilize.)  We will always teach you as many patterns as you can comfortably handle.  Regardless of which package you choose, you can rest assured that your dance will the the highlight of your reception!

How far in advance should we begin our lessons?
Plan to start your lessons 2-3 months prior to your wedding day. This will allow plenty of time to practice.

We waited until the last minute - what should we do?
Not to worry, we have helped many people get prepared for their dance last minute! Give us a call and we’ll work something out for you.

What should I wear to my lesson?
Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that are cool and easy to move around in. 

Do I need special shoes?
Wear comfortable shoes that are similar to the ones you will be wearing when you dance on your wedding day. Don’t wear flip-flops or mules: these types of shoes can come off your feet and be difficult to move in. Tennis shoes can be sticky on dance floors and also restrict movement. During your final lessons we highly suggest that you bring the shoes you’ll be dancing in on the day of your wedding, as it helps to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Is there anything else I should bring to my lesson?
Yes!  Please bring a copy of the exact music you'll use for your first dance.  As there are usually many versions of songs, this helps us to eliminate any unexpected surprises on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy the dance.  You can bring your music in the form of a CD or any *.mp3 player, such as an iPod.

I need some ideas for our first dance!
Please contact us for suggestions!

I still have other questions:
Please contact us for more information!