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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner?
No, you do not need a partner. Every class has frequent rotations so you will have the opportunity to dance with many partners.

What if I have my own partner?
It is the unanimous opinion of the best teachers that rotation in group classes without a doubt accelerates the learning process of everyone in the class. When couples choose not to rotate you have a case of the blind leading the blind. More often than not these couples get frustrated and give up after a few lessons! By dancing with various dancers of different levels you will get a better perspective of what a good lead/follow will feel like. In large classes you may rotate through ten partners or so and then jump back to your partner over and over. Start up the rotation a few steps away from your partner and by the time you rotate to each other you will have an idea what you both need. Invariably, beginner couples that stay together get lost together!

Is pre-registration required to attend class?*
We do not require pre-registration to attend group classes at Studio 22 unless you are using a special offer for your first visit.  However, if it is your first time to join us for group classes, we ask that you arrive 30 - 45 minutes before the class begins, so that we can make sure there is adequate time for you to check in before your class starts.  There will be some forms (an information sheet & waiver of liability) that you will need to fill out before taking class the first time.  Please make sure to bring your driver's license with you!

What if I can't make the first class?
Every class is different, however we typically allow people to start as late as the second week. After that we recommend that you wait the two weeks until the start of the next class. Every week the teachers build upon what was taught the previous weeks. By week three the students have a head start and either you will get frustrated or hold back the rest of the class. Some classes allow newcomers throughout the entire month. Please call the studio to find out more details.

I already know how to dance this particular style. Is it necessary to take weeks 1 & 2 or can I skip to weeks 3 & 4?
Students from Other Schools:
Every school has a different system of instruction. We have standardized names for the skills, elements and patterns all of which we teach in the first two weeks of the class. Understanding the foundations that the teacher is building upon is crucial to getting the most out of a class. It is required that weeks 1 and/or 2 be completed before taking weeks 3 & 4.

Club Dancers:
It is required that weeks 1 and/or 2 be completed before taking weeks 3 & 4. Club dancers are sometimes very rhythmical with nice body action. What is missing are the partnering skills and knowledge of technique that allow them to be a great dancer. Also we have standardized names for the skills, elements and patterns all of which we teach in the first two weeks of the class.

I already know how to dance this style - can I skip to the next level?
Studio 22 carefully designs each class's curriculum to address the skills, lead/follow technique, rhythm/musicality, etc. that you need in order to be able to dance it successfully, whether that is socially or in a competitive situation.  Because terminology and technique can vary quite a bit, and because our instructors pass students into upper-level classes as they gain the necessary skills, we ask that all students start with Level 1.  If you feel that you have necessary skills to skip to an upper level class, you will just need to get instructor approval before attending the class.

How many classes will I need to take before I'm comfortable with the dance?
It varies with each person!  Our classes contain quite a bit more material than the average group class, as students need a certain amount of repetition to develop both the mental and physical retention needed to become comfortable in a particular style.  The average student who has never taken dance will usually spend 3 - 4 months in any given level before being passed into the next level.  Instructors gauge the footwork, lead/follow, and rhythm/musicality level of each student to determine which class will best allow him/her to succeed.  If you ever have a question about being passed into the next level, please talk with the instructor!

I want to check the class out first - is it possible to observe a class?
As a courtesy to the instructors and students in the class, and for security reasons, we do not allow class observation unless you have checked in to the class.  The Studio does offer Flex Packages for those who are wanting to 'test the waters' on a class - it is available online or in the studio, and is available to new students only.

My children will be with me in the evening - is it ok for them wait for me while I take class (either inside the ballroom or in the lobby)?
For the safety and security of your children, and because it is distracting to the other students taking class, we do not allow children in the studio unless they are taking a youth class or private lesson, or - with management approval - accompanied and supervised by an adult for a special event.

How old do students have to be to attend regular group classes?
Because our group classes are geared to adults, students must be at least 18 years old to attend.  (We occasionally make exceptions - on a case-by-case basis - for students 16 - 17 years old to attend adult group classes, with parental approval & a signed release form, and with the understanding that they will be dancing with other adult students of all ages.)

What kind of clothes/shoes should I wear?
Wear clothes you would feel comfortable moving in. Some people come after work and have business casual attire on, some people wear jeans and t-shirt. Both are perfectly fine. As for shoes, when you first start out a pair a shoes that supports your heel and does not have a rubber sole. Eventually as your dancing progresses you will want to consider purchasing a pair of dance shoes. We can certainly help you select and/or order the right shoe.  We offer both BLOCH and Very Fine shoes for sale in our studio.  (Shoe sales are offered before 6:00 PM.)

What do I need to bring with me for the first class?
Please make sure to bring your Driver's License with you, as we'll need that to complete the registration process.  If you are using a special offer of some sort, please call ahead to check on any additional items you may need.

When should I arrive?
For your first class:
We recommend arriving 30 - 45 minutes prior to your first class in order to allow ample time for registration before class begins, as there are usually a large number or students checking in for class.  If you are coming for Argentine Tango or Salsa classes, we recommend arriving at least 45 minutes before your first class.

After your first class:
We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before class begins; 15 minutes before class if you will be attending a Salsa or Argentine Tango class.

What size are the classes?
In general, classes range in size from 10 - 50 attendees, depending upon the style.  Classes are usually fairly evenly divided between men and women, but because we do not require pre-registration*, we are not able to guarantee and even split.  In the event that only 2 - 4 students choose to attend a particular class session, instructors have the option of shortening class length to 45 minutes, as these are considered to be semi-private lessons.  If only 1 student attends a class, the class may be cancelled at the instructor's discretion.  In the event that a class is cancelled due to low attendance, the student will credited for the class.

I was given a Free Class Card by a friend - do I need to bring the card with me?
Yes, in order to redeem a Free Class Card, you must present the card at the time the class is taken.  Free Class Cards may only be used by new students.

I have a gift certificate - do I need to bring it with me?
Yes, in order to redeem a Studio 22 Gift Certificate, you must present the gift certificate at the time you wish to use it.

Do you offer options for couples?
All of our pricing options are priced per person. We do not offer family packages for adult classes.


*Pre-registration may be required for special promotions offered by the studio.  Please call the studio at 972.490.0022 if you have any questions.