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Country Western Waltz

A beautiful, graceful, and elegant dance, the Country Western Waltz utilizes patterns that move diagonally, and differs in one major aspect from other ballroom-style waltzes: The CW Waltz travels continuously around the dance floor in the "line of dance;" in ballroom styles, the dance is done in a box pattern around the dance floor.

Two Step

Two Step is a smooth, progressive dance danced in dance frame, and is characterized by weaved patterns and rhythm accents that separate the quicks and slows, emphasizing slows. The basic pattern is two short walking steps ("quick-quick") followed by two longer walking steps ("slow-slow").

Progressive Double Two-Step

The Progressive Double Two-Step is a type of country and western dance popular in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It typically consists of 6- and 8-count dance patterns.

The basic 6-beat pattern consists of two shuffle steps (counted as "1 and 2", "3 and 4") with the woman being led by an arching one quarter semicircle clockwise then counterclockwise followed by two walking steps (counted "5, 6").

Three Step

An asymmetrical dance, Three Step is also known as the "Texas Two-Step," and consists of shuffle step, followed by a walk or rock step to the side. (It is usually counted "step-together-step, step or 1-&-2, 3.") A variation of the same dance is (usually used for extemely fast music) leaves out the middle two steps, becoming a step-tap-step. Danced in relaxed dance frame, it progresses around the perimeter of the dance floor in a counterclockwise fashion like many of the other Country Western dances.

NightClub Two Step

The dance position for NightClub Two Step is with a more relaxed hold than typical ballroom dances. This relatively stationary Country Western dance was initially developed by Buddy Schwimmer in the mid-1960s. The dance is also known as "Nightclub" and was "one of the most popular forms of contemporary social dance" as a Disco Couples Dance in 1978. A classic example is the song "Lady In Red".

Triple Two-Step

Triple two-step is similar to Progressive Double Two-Step, and is a smooth dance with looped and laced patterns, performed with curved sway and shaping patterns. Like the polka and like the standard two step, the triple two-step progresses around the perimeter of the dance floor in a counterclockwise fashion.

Fort Worth Shuffle

Also known simply as "Shuffle," this dance is consists of 6-count (1, 2, 3, 4-&-5, 6-&) or 8-count (1, 2, 3, 4-&-5, 6, 7, 8-&) patterns danced progressively around the floor. As you guessed, Shuffle is popular on the Fort Worth side of the metroplex.

Country Swing

The style referred to as "Country Swing" is an exhibition style first popularized by the Aggie Wranglers, a show dance team of students from Texas A&M University. It incorporates a combination of Polka and Jitterbug steps and patterns, as well as a variety of spins, tricks and lifts. [Note: Studio 22 does not offer Country Swing, as it is intended for performance (as opposed to social) uses, and requires extensive dance experience to properly execute the showy moves in a way that is safe to both the dancers and bystanders. Many area clubs have banned moves above the shoulders for safety reasons.]

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