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East Coast Swing

Developed in the 1940s, the vivacious East Coast Swing is based upon the Lindy Hop. This rhythmic and adaptable dance can be performed with a partner or individually, socially, competitively, or even choreographed for performances. The East Coast Swing is the perfect beginner's Swing dance, and will establish the basic swing tempo and movements. It doesn't require exceptional strength or flexibility like the acrobatic Lindy Hop, and therefore is suited to dancers of all ages and skill levels. This high-spirited dance will have you skipping, rocking, and twisting the night away on the dance floor.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a musical and smooth swing style that is danced to R&B, Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Top 40's, Country Western, and Contemporary Hip-Hop music. Developed from Lindy Hop, the playful, fluid movement of West Coast Swing incorporates improvisation to visually mirror the feel of the music.

Beginners can easily master the basic steps, while advanced dancers will be enthralled with creating clever tricks and new moves.


This dance is becoming increasingly popular today! It is a rotational swing dance with elements of Hustle and Lindy Hop.


Balboa is a very popular dance style originating out of southern California. This style is danced to a wide variety of music tempos and is danced primarily in a close embrace, and is led with a full body connection. Many Balboa steps can be integrated into your jitterbug and lindy dancing.

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