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Dancing is like learning to ride a bike 🚲 Hear us out...

It takes a while to get the wheels moving and find your balance. But once it happens, you never lose it! Dancing is the same way.

Once you have it and once it clicks, you will always have it!
As instructors, we love to see your confidence grow in and out of the studio 💫 Watch as American Smooth and American Rhythm Instructor, Maya, describes HER favorite part of being a dance teacher!
DALLAS! Let's move 💃🕺 If you're looking to learn how to dance, we've got the place!

Featured on Dancing With The Stars, D Magazine, and Love is Blind, we know a thing or two about partner dancing and are excited for you join in on the fun!

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Salsa Social with Studio 22 at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Join us for our next free salsa event here on May 22 where we will be giving away a pair of free tickets to see Gilberto Santa Rosa on June 29th!
What to expect in our classes ➡️ We start by teaching you to dance on your own during a "warm-up" section. Next, we will pair everyone up and your instructor will walk you through each move and how to apply it as you rotate through different partners. Then, you practice to music and pick up the pace!

Before long you'll be dancing confidently through Levels 1, 2, and 3!

Questions on how to get started? Send us a message!

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