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A fun and easy dance to learn, the Foxtrot can be danced to a wide variety of music. Foxtrot can be danced to big band, swing, or 50's rock and roll. Our popular dance class will have you twirling and turning on the dance floor with grace and ease. The Foxtrot is great for beginners and can be danced on crowded dance floors at parties and weddings. We offer two styles of the Foxtrot: American and International. The International Foxtrot is a subdued, smooth, and flowing motion, while American Smooth Foxtrot is upbeat and energetic.


Upbeat, exuberant, and dynamic, the Quickstep is an excellent style for dancers of intermediate skill level, or for those who have mastered basic slow-tempo dances. The goal of the Quickstep is for dancers to maintain a graceful form with quick and precise movements, while maintaining an effortless and elegant demeanor. First danced to ragtime jazz music, the Quickstep will have you hopping, skipping, and gliding all the way across the dance floor.


This steamy and sultry dance has been enthralling audiences since its introduction. Tango has two forms: the American Style and the International Style. American style uses larger movements to highlight an exuberant expression of passion, while the International Style is more closely held. You'll establish confident footwork and a flair for performance.

Viennese Waltz

Spirited and lively, the Viennese Waltz will have dancers turning and twirling around the dance floor twice as fast as the more subdued standard Waltzes. Intermediate and advanced dancers looking for a challenge will enjoy this aristocratic and athletic dance. Today, the Viennese Waltz is still performed at the world famous annual Viennese Opera Ball, but is known to cause a sensation on dance floors the world over.


If you're going to learn one ballroom dance, this is the one. Waltz is one of the world's most loved and well-known ballroom dances. With a range of patterns, this dance offers something special for dancers of all ability levels. We offer three forms of the Waltz: International Style, American Style, and Viennese. International Waltz has dancers in a closed embrace following established footwork patterns. American Waltz is more free-flowing, allowing dancers more improvisation and expression. This classic dance can be accompanied by music of various tempos.

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