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90-Minute Classes Taught By Two Instructors Over 120 Group Classes A Month.

Confirmed 12.30.21
Confirmed 01.19.22
To sign up for classes, each student needs:
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(p) or (w_) - Progressive class series that restart at the beginning of every month. Progressive classes should be joined during the first week 2 of the series for In-Studio classes, or taken consecutively from the beginning of the series for Livestream classes. Underlined and bolded classes on the printable calendar indicate where new students can join an in-studio Level 1 series for the month.

(np) - Non-progressive class series. Classes can be started at any point in the series (with completion of prerequisites, if any, when attending in-studio.)

* - Upper-level class and/or a class with a prerequisite. Students typically need to repeat each level of a series for 3 - 4 months before advancing to the next level. (3 - 4 months of Level 1 before advancing to Level 2, etc.) Promotion by the instructor into Level 2+ classes is required for in-studio attendance.

 - Regular weekly social events that can be redeemed with Membership credit; NOT redeemable with any other group class payment option.

^ - Special workshops, master classes, or events that CANNOT be redeemed with a regular group class credit (Membership, Flex Package, etc.) of any kind. Please check with the studio for details & pricing.

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