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Referral Rewards Program

Studio 22 Membership Referral Program
Details and Rules

  • All current monthly Members with accounts in good standing are eligible to take part in the Program.
  • You may refer as many eligible friends as you wish, and receive “referral rewards” for each “sign up.”  You may earn referral rewards beginning 10 days after the date of your membership registration.
  • A “sign up” means that your friend:
    1. Is a new student to the studio. (I.E. has not previously registered for or taken a group class/workshop at Studio 22), and;
    2. Lists your full name in the “Referred by” section of the New Student Registration Form on the first visit, and;
    3. Purchases a membership or Six-Class Card (regular or student) on his/her first visit to Studio 22.
  • Referral Rewards:
    • For each new Membership referred: Referring Member receives a one-time credit of $15.00, applied to Referring Member’s account once the new Member has paid his/her fee for the first full month of membership.
    • For each new Six Class Card Student: Referring Member receives a one-time credit of $5.00, applied to Referring Member’s account.
  • Your credit will be applied to your account AFTER your friend has signed up and paid.
  • Bill credits will be issued within 1 month following the satisfaction of all conditions.
  • You can only receive 1 referral reward per new student referred.

Any disputes relating to “eligible friends” or “sign ups” will be determined solely by Studio 22. Studio 22 may modify or discontinue this program at any time without notice. Credits may not be assigned, transferred, or redeemed for cash or other value, and shall expire upon the cancellation or termination of the Referring Member’s membership.



Q:  What do I have to do to enroll?
A:  Nothing!  You are automatically enrolled when you sign up for membership with us.

Q:  Is there a limit on the number of friends I can refer?
A:   No!  The more people you refer, the greater the rewards!

Q:  Can I earn referral rewards the same day I sign up?
A:  You can begin earning referral rewards 10 days after your membership begins.

Q:  My friend purchased a One-Time Trial on his/her first visit.  Do I earn referral rewards for him/her?
A:  You can earn rewards when you refer a new student who purchases a Six-Class Card or a Membership on his/her first visit to the studio.  Purchasing a One-Time Trial or any introductory offer will not earn referral rewards for you.

Q:  What about if my friend doesn't list my name at sign-up?
A:  Your friends must list your name on the New Student registration form on their first visit in order for you to receive referral rewards. 

Q:  My friend used a One-Time Trial (or other introductory offer) on the first visit, and now they want to sign up for Membership.  Do I earn referral rewards for him/her?
A:  Your friends must sign up for Membership on their very first visit in order for you to earn referral rewards.  Students who have previously purchased and/or used any group class option (including trial/introductory offers, Six-Class Cards, complimentary cards, and similar) are returning students. 

Q:  I have an Annual Membership.  Can I earn referral rewards?
A:  Because Annual Memberships are already highly discounted, only Monthly Members can earn referral rewards.

Q:  I have an outstanding balance on my account.  Can I still earn referral rewards?
A:  While you have a balance on your account, your account is not "in good standing".   As soon as you bring your account up-to-date, you can begin earning rewards.