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Printable Calendar:

MarchLivestream classes only
effective 3-17-20

Updated 3-25-20

AprilALL April classes are Livestream.
Updated 3-27-20




MayComing Soon!

:  Class prerequisites DO NOT APPLY to Livestream Classes.
Please see more information & details about how to access Livestream Classes through this link.
See printable calendar for information about progressive & non-progressive series.

(p) - These are progressive classes that restart at the beginning of every month. Progressive classes can be joined during the first week 2 of the series.
(np) - These are non-progressive classes. Drop-ins are welcome to join at any time.
* To attend intermediate classes you must have passed by the instructors level 1, and for advanced classes you must have passed by the instructors level 1 & level 2. Advanced students can take classes in all levels.
** These are regular weekly social events that can be redeemed with a Membership. Not redeemable with a Flex Package of any kind.
*** These are specialty classes and events. They cannot be redeemed with Flex Packages or Memberships of any kind. Please check with the studio or instructors for additional details and information.